Nuclear Weapons and War | Cyber Operations in an Armed Conflict | Naval Operations and War at Sea | Law of Non-International Armed Conflict

The Diplomacy, Law and Policy Forum invites submissions on these themes over the course of the next few months.


Law of Neutrality

Law of Occupation

Refugees and Armed Conflict

Islamic Law and International Humanitarian Law

Women and Children in Armed Conflict

Warfare Across Domains

International Humanitarian Law and Terrorism

International Humanitarian Law and Peacekeeping

International Humanitarian Law in Practice

Armed Conflict and Cultural Heritage

Climate and Conflict

Urbanization of Conflict

''I'm worried that my baby & my life could be at risk'' says pregnant Millen

She is a resident of Adi Nigsti #Tigray where @ICRC is intervening to address high rates of malnutrition

The conflict disrupted livelihoods & this year's farming season leaving many in shortage of food

Increased fighting in #Somalia has led to a three-fold rise in injuries.

Here's how we respond in #LasAnod together with the Somali Red Crescent.

The continued existence of nuclear weapons is one of the biggest threats to humanity.

The risk of nuclear weapons being used is growing, and it is a risk we cannot afford to accept.

#NuclearBan #TPNW

@ICRC statement ▶️

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