Law of Non-International Armed Conflict

We invite submissions on the law of non-international armed conflict (NIAC) relating to the lack of combatant status in civil wars, the geographical scope of application of the law of NIAC, and the difference between Common Article 3 and Additional Protocol II NIACs.


Law of Neutrality

Law of Occupation

Refugees and Armed Conflict

Islamic Law and International Humanitarian Law

Women and Children in Armed Conflict

Warfare Across Domains

International Humanitarian Law and Terrorism

International Humanitarian Law and Peacekeeping

International Humanitarian Law in Practice

Armed Conflict and Cultural Heritage

Climate and Conflict

Urbanization of Conflict

➡️The Geneva Conventions preserve our humanity.

➡️ The Geneva Conventions prevent unimaginable suffering.

➡️ The Geneva Conventions save lives.

The Laws of War explained 👇

#Ukraine A touching moment as this 8-year-old boy and his mother head off to be reunited with their family after nearly 2 years of separation.

His mother V. shares ❤️

"We will bake a cake for New Year & he will teach his sister how to decorate a Christmas tree! I am so excited"

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⏩On 12 Dec, the @ICRC's Review #IRRC will be hosting an event in line with its special edition on the protection of the #environment in armed conflict.

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#Ukraine - We are glad to inform that several children have reunited with their families this week, thanks to the collaboration between the authorities of Qatar, Russia & Ukraine, and with our support.

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