Law of Non-International Armed Conflict

We invite submissions on the law of non-international armed conflict (NIAC) relating to the lack of combatant status in civil wars, the geographical scope of application of the law of NIAC, and the difference between Common Article 3 and Additional Protocol II NIACs.


Law of Neutrality

Law of Occupation

Refugees and Armed Conflict

Islamic Law and International Humanitarian Law

Women and Children in Armed Conflict

Warfare Across Domains

International Humanitarian Law and Terrorism

International Humanitarian Law and Peacekeeping

International Humanitarian Law in Practice

Armed Conflict and Cultural Heritage

Climate and Conflict

Urbanization of Conflict

📍 DR Congo | On 30 May 2024, we suspended food aid to displaced communities in Kanyabayonga, Burangiza, and Bulindi when armed clashes around Kanyabayonga between government forces and the March 23 Movement led many civilians to flee.

News release:

Healthcare workers save lives.

Under international humanitarian law, hospitals, healthcare workers, and ambulances must be allowed to perform their crucial roles.

Something new is coming…For every person missing, countless people are missing them.
#կխմկ #կարմիրխաչ #ICRC #missing #missingperson

📍 Haiti | Thousands of people displaced by armed violence lack all the essential services.

In partnership with the Direction Générale de la Protection Civile, we distributed hygiene items, tarpaulins, and solar lamps to over 600 displaced families in Delmas 19, Port-au-Prince.

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